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We are excited to announce that in January 2024, Southend's YourFamily team joined City Family as an integral part of our Children and Family offer. More information on what this means for families and professionals will soon be published.

YourFamily is a community-based team that empowers parents in developing their knowledge, skills, and understanding of child development, child health, and child safety. Focusing on strengths, resilience, and connecting parents with community resources, the team seek to enhance the parenting journey by providing opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding, as well as promoting parental well-being. YourFamily work in close collaboration with Southend Family Centres, Health Visitors and other local groups to deliver a range of activities including wellbeing sessions and 121 parenting support. YourFamily also co -deliver Southend's antenatal education course to expectant parents. 

For more information please contact

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